What is Reiki,
Rei means Universal, omnipresent
Ki also known as Life force, Prana, Chi, Holy spirit or Holy Ghost.
It is a form of hands on energetic healing which originates in India and the East and predates Christ and Buddha.  Reiki  is an energy which works holistically on body, mind and spirit by stimulating our own natural abilities to heal.
It brings about deep relaxation which calms the mind, dispels fears and encourages a positive focus. It re-energises the body, improving health and accelerates healing. It breaks up blockages and aligns chakras. Helps with pain relief, detoxification and enhances wellbeing.

About Me

Reiki Master, Yogi, Mindfulness coach and meditation leader 

I have been practicing  Reiki under the guiding light of My Master since 2017. I honour the spiritual lineage of M.Usui, C.Hayashi, H.Takata, P.Jack, C.Prsuhn, C.Farmer, L.Smith, W.L.Rand, G.Ellis and K.Kraty.

I am a registered Reiki Federation Member.

I have  a long grounding in Yoga and meditation, which I qualified to practice in 2013. I went on to qualify as a Life coach, meditation leader and colour therapist in 2016.

Crazy times have pushed me away from my path or so I thought but now realise that I was on my path the whole time, there were just lessons I needed to learn to move me along further.

Our paths are not always clear, it is not always pleasant but with support and information it makes it much calmer, kinder  and a quicker route to the answer we need.

Having the tools and being supported makes the world of difference when discovering the universe and the self.

I look forward to speaking with you and finding out how I am able to assist you.









Reiki Federation Member                                     www.reikifed.co.uk

What we do

Reiki Session

Completely immersed relaxation and healing. In our beautiful Reiki room.

Crystals, colour therapy and sound healing will be used to help you let go, unblock and heal.

Each session will be tailored to what you need at the time. 

This will be an in person session.


Mindfulness Coaching

Over whelmed? On a journey but not sure you are on the path? Full of questions? Feeling lonely and misunderstood.

I offer a course of sessions where I can guide you, show you the light. A safe space for you to explore your senses and how to make use of them along with breathing and relaxation techniques.

Each course is unique to the client as we all have different needs at different times.

I offer a safe place for you to grow and learn about yourself and  mindfulness.


This is run via facetime. 






Meditation is such a powerful tool and can help with mental and Physical issues.

Mediation can be the hardest thing to master or the easiest and this can swap at a moments notice.

I am here to help you find your way. Guide you and assist you to find what works for you.

From breathing, to focus, and position. 

Let me help remove the mystery and give you the confidence to use this powerful tool to better your life.

This can be via facetime or in person

Home Energy Cleansing 

I visit your location and spend time clearing and cleansing the energy.

I use Reiki and the use of smudging to do this.

Length of time depends on the size of the location and amount of rooms.

This service is an excellent way to improve your mind body and soul by balancing the energies within your living and working environments.

This will be an in person session at your location.

Wellbeing Walks

I organise mindful walks, a way in which we can find inner peace and connection to our universe.

We explore grounding by way of barefeet when possible, nature bathing and breath work.

This is in person, a location will be arranged to suit all attendees. 

Being Heard 

I offer a course of calls where I listen to you. I help you to find your answers and to keep you strong while you achieve the goals you set for your self.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Sometimes just being heard and having someone to make you accountable is all the magic we need to take the next step on our path. 

These sessions either run via facetime or telephone call.


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